NMI is pleased to announce that our portfolio company SATIN CREDITCARE NETWORK LTD has won best Digital NBFC of the Year Award 2019 at NBFC Summit & Awards in Mumbai. With the theme on "The Future of NBFC Unfolds", the forum is a frontrunner in providing platform for industry stakeholders to work out on a road map for unleashing the true potential of the sector, discussing the latest technological advancements for NBFC industry, shaping the future.

"These awards are a recognition of the hard work and investment we've put in over the past years. We've worked to revolutionize the ways we provide digital services so that we're more agile, flexible, and better positioned to give our customers and employees the best possible experience. Such accolades keeps us grounded and motivates us to keep the flag of technology innovation high @SATIN and this Award is a great reminder that we're on the right path" said Mr. Sanjay Mahajan, CIO-SATIN.

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