Svasti loans helped me grow my business, and expand to other areas!

Svasti, India: Nisha Rajendrakumar Vishwakarma lives with her husband and two children in a small house in the Vikhroli area of Mumbai in India. She not only adds generously to the family income; she's also become a successful businesswoman in her own right.

Nisha always wanted to start her own business, but could not get a loan to start something, as per her requirements. So, when Nisha heard of Svasti and its minimal-paperwork, no-collateral JLG (Joint Loan Group) Microfinance Loans, she was quick to gather four like-minded and aspiring business women, and initiated the process to get herself a loan.

With her first loan of Rs 15,000 (~USD 215) from Svasti, Nisha started a small Public Telephone Booth. And after repaying it, she took two consecutive loans of Rs 25,000 (~USD 355) and Rs 40,000 (~USD 570) to expand her phone booth to include a general retail store.

Nisha proudly says "Svasti has helped me in achieving my dreams of starting my own business and being self-independent".

Now, Nisha is planning to rent more spaces at different locations and expand her business some more.

Source: Svasti, India.

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