Sub-K, India: Saroj aged 37 years is a resident of Choti Chopad, Jaipur, Rajasthan. She lives with her husband Santosh and a son. Santosh had a small shop in the city and used to travel to arrange for the inventories from local vendors regularly. Earning livelihood for his family was a real challenge due to his sickness and high working capital requirements.

Watching his husband’s struggle for a few years, Saroj decided to become a helping hand & also contribute to income generation. Around four years back, Saroj got associated with Sub-K by taking an individual loan of Rs 40,000 (~USD 542) to support her shop and increase the product offerings.

With customer’s footfall increasing gradually, she started adding more stock in the shop from the sales she did. She could not only manage to pay the loan instalments but also save some extra income. Started with general cosmetic items but then added gifts and imitation jewellery basis customer’s demand. While her husband managed the inventories and, she assumed the customer-facing role. They easily make INR 600-800 (~USD 8-10) a day.

Other ladies in the same area see Saroj as an inspiration for how a housewife became a successful entrepreneur. Today she is thankful to Sub-K since it not only provided her a loan but also increased the income for her family. She has now opened another store for her son, who is located a few blocks away. Hence she has recently taken a bigger ticket size loan of Rs 65,000 (~USD 850) from Sub-K after repaying the last one!

Source: NMI