Dvara KGFS, India: Customer Beebi shares her experience: “Ours was a love marriage. My husband and I met each other, and we fell in love. He was from the same community, so thankfully my father obliged. We promised to take care of each other, no matter the circumstances.

Growing up, I had a difficult childhood. I studied till 3rd standard, and circumstances meant that my father prioritised my brother's education over mine; I was left to do household chores and was helping my mother whenever she needed help. There were times when I couldn't help but feel unimportant.

After marriage, because of our financial condition, my husband had to work abroad for a few years, which brought some stability. He took it upon himself to turn around our situation, and now after 20 years of marriage, he remains my pillar of support. I had lost my eldest son very early into our marriage, and my youngest one was born specially-abled, so his support meant the world to me.

It was after the birth of my youngest son that I decided to share the burden of running the household alongside my husband. It was during this time that a wealth-manager from Dvara KGFS, who was from our village came over and introduced the many ways in which we can plan our financial lives and work towards attaining our goals. After discussing the same with my husband, I joined hands with a few of my friends and signed up for a Group-Liability loan at Dvara KGFS. I decided to run a vegetable shop with the loan amount that got approved.

It has been five years now. With the help of the revenue from my vegetable shop, I can now contribute towards the household income and take care of the medical expenses for my youngest son.

I have told my husband to finally take some rest from work now, as we receive enough revenue from my shop to sustain our family. It is my chance now to give back to the man who stood by me through thick-and-thin, and I am now looking forward to taking care of him and my children.”

Source: Dvare KGFS, India. https://www.dvarakgfs.com/customerstories