Bina Artha, Indonesia: Bu Iyar is one of the Group Lending clients with a success story that Bina Artha can be proud of. Her financial situation became her motivation to start a business. The family needed her support to provide basic necessities. She has run a small warung (a small shop or restaurant) since she was a teenager in 1985. A modest IDR 200,000 (~15 USD) initial working capital for the business. Challenges in the business did not make her give up, and her business has survived. Bu Iyar would like to grow the business, and she applied for loan from Bina Artha. The loan was used to buy more stocks for the warung. Since then her business has grown bigger. Income from her warung has also increased, now she not only able to support her parent, but also her own family. Part of the income from the warung also has been used for her children’s education. Bravo Bu Iyar!

Source: Bina Artha Indonesia.