LOLC, Cambodia: Mrs. Sok Kunthea, 43, and her only one daughter, Son Roth, 23, are living in Korkros Village, Pech Mony Commune, Kong Pisey District, Kampong Speu Province in Cambodia.

Kunthea’s husband left her for another woman 17 years ago. Being a newly divorced woman isn't easy, she met very difficult situation that forced her daughter stop studying and go to work in a factory to help increase her family income.

"I had never borrowed money from any institution and had never known LOLC. At that time, my family faced the shortage of money for doing my business and family expenses. One day, I met Credit Officer (CO) and he introduced me to credit products. So, I decided to apply for first loan from LOLC with amount of USD 6,000, in 2014 to improve my fruit selling business and build a new house for my family" Mrs. Kunthea said.

After about 3 years, she got the second loan in amount of USD 7,000 to buy more fruits and refill soil around her new home. By observation, her family has flourished, has bigger business, new house and more assets such as television and motor.

Currently, her profit from her business after expenses and loan repayment is USD 350 and another income source from her daughter’s salary is about USD 200 per month. She further said that she would like to give thanks to LOLC, who has been providing quick and good financial services to villagers as well as her, which enabled good living conditions for her family.

Source: LOLC Cambodia.