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Microfinance clients tell their stories

Generating an income to educate my children

Juhudi Kilimo, Kenya: Irene Wangari Thiongo has grown her dairy farming business with the support of microfinance institution Juhudi Kilimo and has used the additional income to educate her children.

My chance to give back to the man who stood by me through thick-and-thin

Dvara KGFS, India: Customer Beebi shares her experience: “Ours was a love marriage. My husband and I met each other, and we fell in love. He was from the same community, so thankfully my father obliged. We promised to take care of each other, no matter the circumstances.

My efforts are now paying off

Juhudi Kilimo, Kenya: - My name is Jackeline and I am a mother of four from a small village in Nyamira. I am a hardworking smallholder farmer who is in the business of growing tea and keeping dairy cattle for profit. My first encounter with Juhudi Kilimo was through a referral by Heifer International in 2009. I was enrolled, trained and applied for my first loan of Ksh 40,000 which was used for tea planting.

Plans to hire two helpers

Light Microfinance, India: Vegetable Farmer Chauhan Hansaben has been a member of Light Microfinance for half a decade. As the primary wage earner of a six-member family, Hansaben was in dire need of income augmentation.

I decided to act

Proximity Finance, Myanmar: The closing months of the year were some of the hardest of Myint Myint Htwe's life. In late October, her husband passed away suddenly at their home in Aungban, Shan State, after a short illness. The couple had long harbored hopes of being able to afford to put their children through school. Now, as she was still coming to terms with the loss of her partner, the family's main breadwinner, this dream was under threat.

Loan enabled three income sources

Sindhuja, India: "Sindhuja has given a new light in the life of my whole family."

Opening shops gave confidence

Sindhuja, India: When a person is determined to do something, then any obstacle cannot stop her path. A similar story is of a couple named Geeta Devi and Suraj Paswan of Kandi village in Jamui district in Bihar.

The Organic Vegetable Farmer

Sathapana Bank, Cambodia: From being a garment and electric workers, Mrs. Khem Chanthy and her husband, Mr. Im Sam Eath, are now successful vegetable farmers who supply organic vegetables to different supermarkets and shops in Phnom Penh.

Svasti helped Uma Devi to be financially independent

Svasti, India: Uma Devi aged 52 lives in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. She lives there with her son and his wife.

Musoni; the missing puzzle piece

Musoni, Kenya: “Habari Chairman” he is constantly greeted on our way to his shop. You can tell he is a respected man around the Gikomba area in Nairobi, Kenya. Geoffrey Kangéthe, popularly known as Kimani is a businessman and Musoni client. I ask him why he is that popular, he says his work involves a lot of relationship building and he has created a good rapport with his clients, and business neighbours over the years.

Musoni was the turning point

Musoni, Kenya: Ruth remembers clearly when things changed for her family. It had been tough supporting her children while her husband struggled with alcohol. She spent her days working as a farm hand in her community in Kenya and her evening fetching water and firewood and preparing the family meal. It was hard to afford food.

Sub-K helped turn a housewife into a successful entrepreneur

Sub-K, India: Saroj aged 37 years is a resident of Choti Chopad, Jaipur, Rajasthan. She lives with her husband Santosh and a son.

Svasti loans helped me grow my business, and expand to other areas!

Svasti, India: Nisha Rajendrakumar Vishwakarma lives with her husband and two children in a small house in the Vikhroli area of Mumbai in India.

A proud entrepreneur

Satin, India: Ranu Kalita, age 38 years, is a resident of Changsari, in Guwahati, Assam in India. She lives with her husband and two children.

Income secures children’s education

Bina Artha, Indonesia: Bu Iyar is one of the Group Lending clients with a success story that Bina Artha can be proud of. Her financial situation became her motivation to start a business.

Sales quadrupled

AB Bank Rwanda, Rwanda: Uwamahoro Jean De Dieu and his wife Mukankusi Joselyne started the business of selling items in 2001 with capital of RWF 500,000 (or 550 euros).

Loan-enabled tea farm

NESFB, India: Jonali Borah, 28 years, a client of NESFB/RGVN in Gohpur Branch, belongs to Ghaligaon village of Sonitpur District in India. A Class X pass, Jonali lived in a joint family and is the mother of a 3½ year old daughter.

Young female entrepreneur who follows her passion in landscape design

PRASAC, Cambodia: Before becoming a landscape designer, Meas Chanphalla was a teacher of English and painting at a private school in Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

Bought new sewing machine

Baobab Senegal: To buy a new sewing machine and new fabrics, I borrowed 600 000 FCFA (~1,000 USD) over 6 months, and it cost me 150 000 (~250 USD) FCFA. I opened a checking account to manage my credit and a Sukaliku savings account to save some of my income. I pay back monthly my credit in branch when I have time and in Baobab points when I'm in a hurry.

It is impossible to foresee the forthcoming events, but you can plan for the future

AMK, Cambodia: A case study of Mrs. Tann Vanna, a 34 year-old woman who is a food seller in Preaek Sdei village, Lolok Sor commune, Krong Pursat, Pursat province in Cambodia.

Svasti helped us to increase the profit

Svasti, India: Maherunnisa Abdul Kadar Shaikh lives with her husband Abdul and their two children. They live in a small house in the Chembur area of Mumbai in India. Maherunnisa and her husband are both involved in the manufacture of packaging boxes for local jewellery sellers.

Lydia Mwikali: From a small-scale trader to top-notch manufacturer

KWFT, KENYA: Through her thriving relationship with KWFT, Mwikali has established a manufacturing plant that aims to have a footprint locally and internationally.

Enabled good living conditions

LOLC, Cambodia: Mrs. Sok Kunthea, 43, and her only one daughter, Son Roth, 23, are living in Korkros Village, Pech Mony Commune, Kong Pisey District, Kampong Speu Province in Cambodia.

Regaining the lost pride

Utkarsh, India: Shanti Devi (45) hails from a sleepy village of one the poorest districts of Uttar Pradesh, Jaunpur in India. As she recites her story and struggle of her life her eyes get filled with tears and at the same time her face glows with confidence and pride which she regained after 15 years of struggle.

Tafa, owner of a hardware store

Baobab: Tafa is an Ivorian entrepreneur who runs a hardware store where she sells all kinds of products.

Wear a respectful smile!

Satin, India: Rarely do you come across people who not only aspire to do something in life for themselves but want to contribute to the society and help others grow as well.

Diversified with success

Sub-K, India: Shankar Lal Patel, a 31 year-old news reporter for Rajasthan Patrika in Udaipur in India was not very happy with his earnings as a reporter and decided to diversify his business.

Loan is seed money to advance the rural living standard

AMK, Cambodia: A case study of Mrs. Chhun Ry, a 37 year-old woman living in Santepheap village, Tuol Pongro commune, Malai district, Banteay Meanchey province in Cambodia.

The orange farmer in Pursat province

PRASAC, Cambodia: Rous Sreyneang, 36, and her husband So Narin, are currently orange farmers owning 20 hectares of land at the foot of Kravanh mountains, located in Veal village, Samrong commune, Phnom Kravanh district in Pursat, a northwest province of Cambodia famous for sweet and delicious oranges.

The stable bricks businessman

AB Bank Rwanda, Rwanda: Mutemberezi Alexandre, 38 years of age, a resident of Rusororo Sector in Kigali area in Rwanda, is a bricks manufacturer.

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