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NMI Fund III KS invests USD 4.7 million through a share issue in Satin Creditcare Network Limited (“Satin”)

3 April 2014: The funding from NMI will contribute towards further branch expansion into underpenetrated regions in the poor, Northern part of India in order to reach more clients. Furthermore, the funding will contribute towards developing more products to enhance the quality of life for the clients, especially in the area of sanitation and health.

NMI Frontier Fund and NMI Fund III invest USD 8 million in Kenya Women Finance Trust DTM Ltd, Africa’s largest regulated women-only financial institution

18 March 2014: NMI along with Incofin Rural Impulse Fund II announce a significant equity boost through a Ksh 1.37 Billion (approximately USD 16 million) capital infusion in Kenya Women Finance Trust (KWFT) DTM. The new development strongly propels KWFT DTM in its growth path to seal its position as the preferred financial partner for women entrepreneurs in the East African region. KWFT has the ambition to continue its strong growth path, aiming at reaching over 1 million new clients over the next 4 years. The capital increase thereto is an important first milestone. This is the largest single NMI investment to date.

Cashew nuts from IKURU (Mozambique)

6 March 2014: NMI has invested EUR 3.3 million in FEFISOL, an investment fund assisting African institutions that help poor households in rural areas in Sub Sahara Africa where little or no formal lending exists. FEFISOL funds primarily microfinance institutions, but has also some small (but important) credit lines to smallholder agricultural producer organizations like IKURU. This funding improves the income for the small farm households and helps retain revenue and profits in the local area.

NMI AS announces the first close of NMI Fund III

Oslo, Norway - 28 June 2013: NMI AS and investors successfully completed the signing of the investor commitments to the NMI Fund III today.

All five investors – DnB Livsforsikring, Ferd, KLP, Norfund and Storebrand - in NMI Global Fund and NMI Frontier Fund (both totaling MUSD 100) are committed to the new NMI Fund III.

The size of the first close is MUSD 32, and NMI is targeting a second close with existing and new investors for 2014. The focus of NMI Fund III is on direct investments in 9 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa as well as in India and Indonesia.

NMI GLOBAL Fund Lends USD 4.0 million to Sathapana Microfinance Institution Limited in Cambodia

Oslo, Norway - 15 May 2013: NMI Global Fund today announced the disbursement of USD 4.0 Million in the form of a Senior Loan to Sathapana Microfinance Institution Limited ("Sathapana"). Sathapana is a large and well-established MFI with a long and profitable track record in Cambodia, operating in 22 (of 24) provinces in the country. In addition, 60% of the borrowers are in the rural areas with roughly two-thirds of these being women. The Company currently serves more than 68 000 clients and has a Gross Loan Portfolio of over USD 120 million.


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