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MI Fund III KS lends IDR 15 Billion Rupiah (USD 1.1 Million) to Indonesian based microfinance company PT. Bina Artha Ventura (“Bina Artha”)

5 August, 2015: NMI Fund III announced the disbursement of USD 1.1 Million in the form of a Senior Loan to PT. Bina Artha Ventura (“Bina Artha”). Bina Artha is a fast-growing microfinance institution in Indonesia serving more than 150,000 mostly female clients of which more than 80% live in the rural or semi-rural areas of the island of Java. The Gross Loan Portfolio of Bina Artha is roughly USD 10 million. Targeting the poorer segment of the Indonesian microfinance market, Bina Artha’s average outstanding loan size is USD 80.

Fusion Microfinance Pvt. Ltd. named Microfinance India’s Organization of the Year for 2014 (Medium & Small)

10 January, 2015: Fusion Microfinance Pvt. Ltd., a portfolio microfinance company in the NMI Frontier Fund, was named Microfinance India’s Organization of the Year (Medium & Small).

Microfinance India is a national level advocacy platform, initiated by ACCESS Development Services, spurned off to ACCESS-ASSIST, to engage various stakeholders and develop a comprehensive vision for the entire sector. This award aims to recognize and encourage smaller and upcoming MFOs, who have demonstrated the potential for growth and have exhibited the ability to establish strong processes along with efficient operations. NMI invested roughly 3 million dollars in February 2013, client outreach has grown almost 400% since NMIs initial investment.

Reisebrev fra India

november 2014: Reisebrev fra Ole Sandsbraaten, Økonomidirektør i NMI om hans opplevelser fra feltbesøk i India. NMI Fund III har investert  USD 5 millioner i mikrofinansinstitusjonen Satin Creditcare Network, New Delhi, India.

Hvordan bidrar investering i Mikrofinans til økt levestandard for klientene i utviklingsmarkeder?

Knut Frigaard, a NMI Investment Director, recently wrote a short article on the day-to-day life of a microfinance Client in Kenya. Please note that this article is in Norwegian.

Knut Frigaard, Investeringsdirektør i NMI skrev en artikkel på KLP bloggen om den faktiske hverdagen for en mikrofinans klient i Kenya. Artikkelen i sin helhet følger her:


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